• Nerome#01 - YUMBARU HOTELS

    A 100-year-old Ryukyuan traditional house in Nerome-ward, Ogimi Village.

    Walk through the small diameter of the Fukugi, the sea will appear in 30 seconds on foot.

    やんばるホテルズ - 根路銘01号室



    Nerome#01 - YUMBARU HOTELS

    A 100-year-old Ryukyuan traditional house in Nerome-ward, Ogimi Village.

    Walk through the small diameter of the Fukugi, the sea will appear in 30 seconds on foot

    やんばるホテルズ - 根路銘01号室



  • About "Nerome#01"

    "Nerome#01" is the first facility of "YUMBARU HOTELS" located in Nerome-ward, Ogimi-village, Okinawa-prefecture.
    This house is a Ryukyuan traditional house that has been around 100 years old, and a Ryukyu dynasty ritual house, most of which are now lost.
    The property has an altar (to-to-meh in okinawan) that is actually used.
    If you introduce yourself to the altar as a Ryukyu cultural experience, the ancestors will be happy to welcome you.
    No other accommodation offers such a folk cultural experience.
    Please be aware that we have been reformed to maintain the original condition as much as possible, and for old house in nature, insects such as centipedes, ants, geckos and so on may appear in the house.


    「根路銘01号室」は、沖縄県大宜味村根路銘区に位置する「YUMBARU HOTELS」の初の宿泊施設です。






    “YUMBARU HOTELS” offers a regional immersive stay style, seeing the northern area of Okinawa called Yambaru as a single hotel.
    The front desk is "HENTONA LOUNGE", a cafe and coworking space located in Hentona-ward, Kunigami-village.
    We will serve "Karagi-cha (Ryukyu Cinnamon tea)" or "San-pin-cha (Jasmin tea) as a welcome drink.
    Please enjoy the stay as you come to the okinawan grandmother's house with your loving family and friends.


    沖縄本島北部、やんばる地域全体を1つのホテルと見たて、地域没入型ステイスタイルを提案する「YUMBARU HOTELS」。

    フロントは、国頭村辺土名(くにがみそんへんとな)にあるカフェ&コワーキングスペースである「HENTONA LOUNGE」。



  • About "New Coronavirus Infection Control"


    Our property offers the following:  
    • At the front desk
      • ​A curtain for splash infection control is installed .
    • At check-in
      • All guests staying at our property will be temperature-checked.
      • All guests staying at our property will be asked to fill out a health condition check sheet.
      • If certain conditions are met, we will refuse to stay.
    • In the room.
      • These items are installed.
        • Alcohol disinfection gel
        • Alcohol disinfection spray
    • At check-out
      • Please leave the key at the house without comming to the front desk



    • フロント
      • 飛沫感染対策カーテンを設置しています。
    • チェックイン時
      • 宿泊予定者全員を検温いたします。
      • 健康状態チェックシートにご記入をお願いしております。
      • 一定の条件に当てはまる場合、ご宿泊をお断りいたします。
    • 室内
      • 次のアイテムを設置しています。
        • アルコール除菌ジェル
        • アルコール除菌スプレー
    • チェックアウト時
      • フロントを経由せずにカギを部屋に置いたままご出発いただきます。
  • 浴室用品

    • リンスインシャンプー
    • コンディショナー
    • ボディシャンプー
    • バスタオル
    • フェイスタオル
    • ボディタオル
    • 歯ブラシ

    Bath supplies

    • Rinse in shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body soap
    • Bath towel
    • Face towel
    • Body towel
    • Tooth brush


    • 駐車場
    • シャワールーム
    • 洗浄機能付きトイレ
    • ガーデンテーブル
    • バーベキューグリル
    • ブルーレイプレイヤー付きテレビ
    • ガスコンロ
    • 卓上コンロ
    • 冷蔵庫
    • 炊飯器
    • 電子レンジ
    • トースター
    • 電気ケトル
    • コーヒーメーカー
    • 洗濯機
    • 乾燥機
    • ドライヤー
    • 仏壇(とーとーめ)



    • Parking
    • Shower room
    • Toilet with cleaning function
    • Garden table
    • BBQ Grill
    • TV with blu-ray player
    • Gas stove
    • Portable gas stove
    • Refrigerator
    • Rice cooker
    • Microwave
    • Toaster
    • Electric kettle
    • Coffee maker
    • Washing machine
    • Dryer
    • Hair dryer
    • altar

    and so on.

  • Calender / カレンダー

    Please check the room availability.

  • Contact us / お問い合わせ

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or reservations.



    <To foreigners.>
    Messenger-based communication is better than talking not in Japanese.

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